Friday, June 21, 2013

Recap: 佛法與翻譯工作坊暨種子培訓

This event was made possible by all of our participants coming together and helping out.

Prof. Hsiao-Lan Hu: animatedly speaking about professionalism and volunteerism when doing translations/oral interpretation.

Everyone listening, rapt with attention.

Much thanks to our lovely MC.

Cheerful folks out front at the registration tables!

Written Translation forum: Our speakers ready to share their varied experiences.

Q&A time!

Dr. David Brundell and 王慧姬老師 sharing experiences filming Dr. Ambedkar and what they know about the history of how Dr. Ambedkar campaigned against "untouchability" in India.

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small group: 林雯莉discussing issues the come up in oral interpretation and tips on how to better prepare for interpretation work.

Small group: The ABC's of Buddhist English!

Small group: Discussion on how to teach Buddhist Chinese, led by 蔡慈月and歐佳潔

Our small group on creating a translation database hard at work!

Thank you, 佛陀教育基金會for allowing us to share these wonderful books with our participants.

Frank: speaking on the importance of supporting the ideal of full gender equality in Buddhist circles. :)

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